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New External High Capacity Rechargeable External Battery / Pocket Charger for Nintendo 3DS, that You can take with you when you are on the road. It can extend the N3DS battery life for up to 8 hours!

Nintendo reports that the listed battery life for 3DS 1300 mAh Li-ion pack is only 3 to 5 hours, when as DSi XL could deliver 13 to 17 and even the first original version of NDS that had only 850 mAh could play games for 6 to 10 hours!

R4DS MP3 and Video Player

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iEDGE DS: The Legal Flash Cart


A neophyte in the flash cart industry - launched just this January 2010 - iEDGE DS is almost the twin of its predecessor EDGE DS. Its features closely resemble that of the old EDGE flash card. While it does have most of the features of EDGE DS, you can rest assured that all functions and features were improved and enhanced to cater to the raving competition between flash cards. The credibility of the flash cart is not something you should be concerned about as it follows the footsteps of one of the most solid flash carts ever made, the EDGE DS.

The following are the specifications of iEDGE DS:


Due to copyright laws the iEDGE ships in a clean slate, which makes it 100% legal. This way, the flash cart can be legally distributed anywhere around the globe without being sanctioned in customs for violating developer’s copyright. Although the blank system means extra work for players, it also makes more comprehensive customization of the UI possible. Booting and setting up of the iEDGE can be done by visiting the official website of EDGE or by downloading the ready-to-use NDS Gear from sponsored sites.


The newbie flash cart has multi-language support and is one of the few flash carts that offer diverse languages including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Simple and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The skin legacy of the EDGE and old Cyclops game are inherited by iEDGE, giving users a massive amount of skins to choose from.  Customization is possible by downloading the editor from the official website.
Unlike its predecessor, it supports slow motion, a feature that is useful especially in battle mode games. The homebrew compatibility is superb; it also has a super fast skinnable user interface.


The flash cart also uses a spring-less mount, eliminating the problems that arise from spring-loading like dirty contacts and accumulation of dust inside the flash card. The outer shell and hardware is sturdy and durable.
One of the best things about the iEDGE DS is its price. It’s cheaper than most flash carts available in the NDS flash cart market but still delivers value and performance.

It is still early to rank iEDGE high in the flash cart industry. Updates, fixes and patches will still be released in the near future to ensure that the IEDGE DS remains on top.